• Firearms Transfers: $25 plus $5 for each long gun or receiver on the same transaction, $10 for each additional handgun on the same transaction up to 5 firearms. Once you hit 6,  the pricing structure is reset. 

    • E.g. you purchase 7 handguns, your total cost would be ​$100- $25 +($10x4) for the first 5 handguns + $25+$10 for the other two

  • Firearms purchases: price varies based on item/current market trends, please fill out a quote request if you'd like to order something and we will be in touch.

    • 50% due at order, remainder to be paid upon receipt​

    • Standard MI sales tax of 6.0% will be added onto any firearm/accessories purchase. 

    • Click here to see our current inventory

  • Commission Sales: ​15% of final value

    • We will list on our website and/or Gunbroker​

  • Accepting and shipping a firearm: shipment costs + $15 service fee

    • This service applies if you'd like to ship a handgun via USPS (a much cheaper option not available to non-license holders) or if your recipient does not accept shipments from non-FFLs​

  • If you have any additional questions, contact us here​

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