Policies and Legal

By buying/transferring a firearm or any other merchandise through us, you agree to the following policies:

  • Any and all issues with the final product resulting from misuse, natural disaster, manufacturing defects, etc. are between you and the manufacturer. Ragnarok Arms will not issue a refund concerning any issues between you and manufacturer.

  • Ragnarok Arms reserves the right to deny a firearm transfer for any reason if there is reason to suspect you are ineligible to receive a firearm. Some examples include: you show up with a driver's license that is expired, you show up with a driver's license that is clearly a forgery, or you come in reeking of marijuana.

  • Ragnarok Arms will not be held responsible for lost firearms shipments. If your seller chooses to send a firearm without signature confirmation/insurance and the item is lost/damaged during transit, that is strictly between you and the seller.

    • Likewise, if you choose to use us to mail your firearm out and opt to skip on purchasing insurance, Ragnarok Arms is not responsible for your missing package.​

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