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Policies and Legal

By buying/transferring a firearm or any other merchandise through us, you agree to the following policies:

  • You are responsible for contacting the FFL (us) prior to sending a shipment, if you do not receive confirmation from us via email, text, or phone that we are available to receive a shipment, we will not cover the cost to re-ship an item if we are unavailable. Opting to have something sent without confirmation is done so at your own risk.

  • We understand you may not always be able to pick up your new gun right away, that being said, we have limited storage and are regularly receiving new product. Any firearm that is not picked up after 2 calendar weeks will be charged a $5/week storage fee per item (we're reasonable, if you have an urgent situation we can make accommodations).

    • The storage fee is an all or nothing policy. You go over the 2 weeks, it's an additional $5 regardless of when during that extra week you pick it up.

    • Ragnarok Arms reserves the right that, once the storage fee meets or exceeds the retail cost of the firearm, to sell said firearm to recoup the loss. We are not a warehouse and will not store your products indefinitely. If you don't have the time to come in and fill out the paperwork in a timely manner, don't order the firearm.

    • If you are denied a transfer, you may appeal the decision however you must pay return shipping costs to the seller. We can also resell the firearm for you on commission. We will not hold onto your firearm for months while a decision is made.

    • After 1 month, the firearm becomes ineligible for the multi-gun discount and will be billed as a separate item (in addition to the $5/week storage fee)


  • Any and all issues with the final product resulting from misuse, natural disaster, manufacturing defects, etc. are between you and the manufacturer. Ragnarok Arms will not issue a refund concerning any issues between you and manufacturer.

  • All used and consignment firearm sales are final.

  • You must be at least 18+ to purchase a long gun in MI and 21+ to purchase a handgun or receiver/frame. Ragnarok Arms reserves the right to deny a firearm transfer for any reason if there is reason to suspect you are ineligible to receive a firearm. Some examples include: you indicate you are buying the firearm for someone else, you show up with a driver's license that is expired, you show up with a driver's license that is clearly a forgery, or you come in reeking of marijuana.

  • All interstate firearm commerce must go through an FFL dealer, we cannot ship directly to your home. If you choose to have a firearm shipped to a dealer in your state, we will contact the dealer for a copy of their license but you are responsible for verifying the dealer is available. Extra shipping costs will be incurred if a package is returned to us because the recipient is unavailable/away. 

  • Ragnarok Arms will not be held responsible for lost firearms shipments. If your seller chooses to send a firearm without signature confirmation/insurance and the item is lost/damaged during transit, that is strictly between you and the seller.

    • Likewise, if you choose to use us to mail your firearm out and opt to skip on purchasing insurance, Ragnarok Arms is not responsible for your missing package.​​

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