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I've never bought a gun online or through a residential dealer, what is the process?
First, you need to separate the idea of the "sale" and the legal transfer. The sale portion is the exchange of cash for goods and has no bearing on the firearm portion. The legal transfer is where the firearm actually gets transferred from us, the dealer, to you, the individual.

That being said, you would place your order and during the checkout process, most sellers have some sort of FFL finder in which you enter a zip code and can pick an FFL in your area. Once we are selected, the seller typically has all our info on file already and nothing further is required. If we are not on file, or if they do not maintain a database, they may ask you to have us e-mail a copy of our license to them. This is also very common, please reach out to us at: if the latter is the case.

If you do not have a Michigan CPL and are purchasing a pistol or what is considered a pistol in the state of MI (a weapon with an OAL of less than 26" in the operable condition), you will first need to visit your local police station and obtain a license to purchase (LTP/RI-010). CPL holders are exempt from this requirement.

Finally, once the firearm arrives, we will contact you. You do not need to call asking for the status of your firearm, typically, we will call you the same day it arrives and can usually accommodate a pickup the same day as well. We'll schedule a time for you to come in and pickup your firearm, fill out the necessary paperwork, do the background check, and pay the transfer fee. The paperwork and background check must all be done at the time of the transfer. 

What documentation do I need to bring for the transfer?

All you need is a valid government issued photo ID (a MI driver's license is the most common) and cash/card to pay for the transfer. A MI CPL can no longer be used as an alternative to the NICS check. Your government issued photo ID must be current/unexpired and MUST show your current residence address or you must have another form of government issued identification (no, your bank statement or electric bill doesn't count, it isn't government issued) that shows your current residence address. If you cannot provide the proper identification to validate your listed residence address, you will be turned away and you will not get your firearm.

Non-US Citizens with immigrant visas a.k.a. green card holders or legal permanent residents will need to bring their issued green cards as well to validate residency and USCIS number

UPDATE: As a result of new Michigan laws: effective 2/13/2024 non-CPL holders wishing to purchase a pistol will be required to first obtain a license to purchase from their local police station.

Where are you located? I can't find you on Google or your address listed on your website anywhere.
We are located near downtown Saline, once we contact you to arrange a pickup, we can provide our address if need be. Given that we are a private residence, we intentionally do not publish our address to discourage random people from "dropping in". Transfers/sales are by appointment only.

What forms of payment do you accept for firearm purchases and transfer?

Currently, we are able to accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. There will be a 2% additional charge for any firearm or accessory above $100 if paid with card. 


Can you price match a vendor I saw online?

Generally, no. While we are always willing to accept questions, we typically keep our pricing very competitive and cannot alter them.

Can I purchase an SBR/SBS/Suppressor from you?

No. We are currently not licensed to handle NFA items and do not have any plans in the near future to do so. We can recommend other dealers that can handle this.


Do you sell anything other than firearms?

Yes! We can order a number of various accessories, optics, magazines. If there is something in particular you are looking for, please contact us for more details.

I’m having a problem with a firearm I purchased/transferred from you, do you accept returns?

No. All purchases are final and any issue with the final product are between you and the manufacturer. Of course, if we mess something up like ordering an item you did not want, we would cover it.


What age do I need to be to purchase a firearm in Michigan?

18+ for long guns (rifles/shotguns) and 21+ for handguns and frames/receivers.

$30 seems kind of steep for 5 minutes of paper work for a transfer? Can you do it for less or do you offer repeat customer discounts?

No. There is a significant amount of time invested on my end involved in a transfer other than you showing up and filling out some forms in addition to costs associated with physical materials/tech. Additionally, if your background check gets stuck researching, you may end up being here for 20-30 minutes. This rate is pretty standard among many FFLs and is lower than many big box stores. We already offer a discount on multi gun transfers while many other FFLs charge the same rate per item. The amount of work we have to do does not decrease each time you come in.
Do you offer any other services other than purchases and transfers? I.e. gunsmithing or cerakote?
Some. We can perform basic gunsmithing tasks such as part installation, scope mounting, weapon sighting, cleaning, etc. but we are not licensing to assemble firearms and do not have a dedicated gunsmith that can handle procedures such as hand fitting parts or stock bedding.
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